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Happy International Women’s Day!

Thanks to a group of strong women, who had the courage of their convictions to not just say that women deserved equal and fair treatment in society, but also to fight for it! I and other women like me, are now able to pursue whatever business or career goals we have, without fear of reprisal! As the ads said …We've come a long way, baby!

We have been marking March 8th as International Womens Day for 104 years now, in honor of those women who blazed the trail for us, and have made great strides. This day, however, continues to be an important marker – a time for us to stop and reflect not just on the progress we've made as women, but to look at areas where women still struggle today, and think about how we as women can help each other.

We, as Breathe Now founders, have had discussions early on, about using this event as a means of supporting women locally. Today we would like to announce that a portion of the proceeds will be directed towards Bridges for Women.


Bridges for Women has been operating in Victoria since 1988, providing employment training, counselling and mentoring services for women overcoming the effects of abuse and trauma. It is a concrete example of the powerful and positive things that happen when women help other women!

Programs such Bridges are only sustainable in the long-term with all of us coming together. Please stop by their website and take a look a some of the great work they do! One of the great services they offer for women in their programs, are career mentoring services. If you are a woman in business in Victoria looking for a way to connect with the community, please consider talking with them about being a mentor!


We look forward to seeing you on April 14-15 for a great weekend of laughing, learning, friendship … and breathing!


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